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Why Do My Emails Go To Spam?

Why Do My Emails Go To Spam?

1 You don’t have a domain name email such as

2 Your domain name is too new

3 You have bought dud traffic and it’s blacklisted (!)

4 you don’t know the “forbidden” words that mark your email as spam – yes there’s a whole list of them, the obvious ones are make money online, dollars, pounds, and anything else connected with money – instead use the words: bread, dough, bux, moolah

5 You’re using a free email such as mailchimp

6 You are not using a spam filter before you send like this free one here This will give you a score out of 100. The higher the score the better.

7 Get access to a product that will warm your email address up and guarantee you will go in the inbox – not promotions or spam MAIL

8 You are NOT TRACKING your links so you don’t know how many are getting opened. If you have non openers on your list you need to take them off. this is hurting your domain name.

9 You need a cold list of “non openers” and just broadcast a weekly or twice weekly email

10 You need to make sure all emails in a list are openers and receptive to what you are sending

For a good TRACKING SOFTWARE you need either Clickmagick or Optindojo

Both are excellent trackers but Optindojo has the edge as it can track capture pages, thank you pages and all emails in the sequence

Why Warm Up Your List Anyway?

If your emails are not being opened then they know you’re an affliate marketer trying to sell something. If your friends open it they are more likely to reply and it’s a 2 way thing

MAILREACH sends your emails to lots of other email addresses and they reply to you thus imitating what happens in real life

If you buy traffic and are not using this you are wasting money throwing it down the drain.


When they click a link you can add them to a WARM LIST and broadcast to them every day – why? who can write 5 emails from scratch or copy and paste without getting bored and you give up?

Unless your name is James Neville Taylor who wrote 365 emails and each email would go through different sequences in order WITH YOUR NAME AND LINK ALREADY ON IT…. Yes it’s a miracle. Try it here

Another good link tracking tool is linkwizard here

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What is the best AFfiliate Marketing programme anyway?

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