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Who is your Customer Avatar

I asked this question in a group recently

For what reason are you with an online business? more free time? more money? bad boss?

This is one of the answers I got

I started affiliate marketing back in 2007 because I was fed up with bad employers. I grew tired of the work environment, people bringing drama to work, unethical CEOs, and so much more.

I wanted to stop living paycheck to paycheck and pursue what I really wanted, an education.

So there’s the list

1 Hate my boss

2 9-5 drag

3 Being chained to work

4 Gossips and backstabbing

5 No money for treats

Other reasons include

Want money for retirement, travel, new house, new motorbike, new caravan, holiday home, live where I really want to live in the country, by the sea


If you could get inside the head of your ideal customer, find out what they are struggling with and then hand it to them on a plate…. would you like to know how?

You need to know if you are concentrating on customers or business builders.

In this example I’m going for business builders

What if you could find 3 people you could interview and ask them what they need?

Where would you find them?

Well if you’re in quality groups like Eric Worre, or one of the other big networkers, you will know EVERYONE wants to learn how to build their business

Step 1


Answer a few posts, get into a few conversations in your chosen group. Then you will naturally send each other a friend request. You now have something in common

Then you could ask them if they’d mind having a 5 or 10 minute chat to find out what they’re struggling with as you like to help people with VALUE posts on facebook (or in your group)

Questions to ask your ideal customer for your avatar – Part 1

First of all you get to know them a little bit and get some rapport going and find something in common.

Then you suggest a 5 or 10 min call to find out what they’re struggling with and how you can help them more


This happened to me with the lovely Laura Stephen. We developed a strong bond over the years and still keep in touch

These are some of the questions you can ask (and you can add some of your own according to the flow of conversation)

What are you struggling with the most right now?

Why do you REALLY believe you haven’t solved your problem yet?

What have you previously done to solve your problem?

Why do you think it didn’t work?

What are you afraid will happen if you don’t solve this problem?

What would a breakthrough look like? (How would you feel? How would
your life change? What would you have?)

What beliefs about your current situation do you know you have to let
go of in order to breakthrough?

Each person will be different. This is an ongoing process. And a great way to get to know people. If you help them they LOVE YOU!

So they are more likely to take a look at anything you may want to offer them later on.

You write down your findings

Compare notes

Then come up with your ideal customer avatar

Example of a customer avatar

Sophie is a young Mum at home.

She has school children of primary age and knows the internet works for some people

She is just starting out or has tried multiple programmes which have never worked.

She has been in one where you have to have home parties, got a few sales but no one wants to buy something once a month

She is crying out for a mentor, her upline is useless as gives no guidance whatsoever (or very little)

She loves the products but needs to know how to market her products on the internet. She has got lots of products on her facebook profile and has a few friends who buy but she needs to know how to brand herself

She is overwhelmed with never having enough time to do everything and is sometimes so tired she just flops in front of the telly on the settee.

She lacks focus and needs small regular daily actions to be able to fit small bursts in throughout the day.

She suffers from shiny ball syndrome and has never made much money online (if any)

She has seen other people make money with real results and knows there is a way but feels resentment and frustration at others’ success as she can’t seem to crack the code

She buys courses online as they are “the one” to help her. She doesn’t have the time or focus to finish, and when she does learn something she never takes action and wonders why she can’t succeed. She is in perpetual “learning mode”

She keeps getting distracted and needs a real system to put into place to help her reach her goals

She posts in Facebook make money online for mums groups on Facebook like her upline told her to but is getting no results

She is committed to learning the right way and won’t give up until she does

She is looking for the process to make it all work

What does your customer avatar look like

When you do this and take the time to write it down it becomes clear in your head WHO it is and WHERE they can be found

Sophie (above) can be found in make money at home groups or mums who make money online. Entrepreneur groups.

Where can you find yours?

So you now know about WHO is your ideal customer avatar
You have niched it down


Create your own facebook group

Q1 – Who is your group for? (Think of your perfect audience)

Q2 – How does your perfect audience want to feel?

Q3 – What are their dreams, desires and aspirations?

Create your “hook” to grab attention

Answer this question: What does your perfect audience want the most?

Examples of Hooks

We help Network Marketers get more leads online faster

Secrets to Create a Profitable Facebook Group fast

Fill in the group description

1 Tell people who your group helps and serves…

2 Tell people what your group is about and how it will benefit people…

Write your welcome post, here’s a great example you can use

A BIG welcome to all our fantastic new members who just joined us!

Introduce yourself here so we can all get to know you a little bit better.

Before you do ANYTHING else, be sure to grab your FREE copy of (insert lead magnet title)…

It is a great free training for helping you (Insert what it will help them with).

Also, here are two of my post popular blog posts!
(insert title + link)

I look forward to finding out more about you…

P.S. Please take a moment to read the rules in the group description.

P.P.S. Please introduce yourself in the comments of this post so we can all get to know you 🙂

if you found this useful write the word FACEBOOK GROUPS below 🙂


If you’re technically minded you may ask about automation, and do they know about chatbots, email sequences and capture pages, but not everyone wants this,

I personally know of a multiple products that build capture pages and emails that I can recommend and which ones I use personally. If you use them yourself it holds more weight than a product you;ve found on JVZoo randomly.

If you KNOW about the product first and can name the owner of the programme and have been following him for a while, again, it’s more personal than saying “this is a spammy fb groups autoposter join now!”

eg I know of a great Instagram person called Luke Maguire. he regularly comes up with genuine products that work and help you with Instagram. Watch out for any programmes of his! Great value! 🙂

So if you KNOW YOUR MARKET AND PRODUCTS really well and only offer ones that will HELP THEM. You have a LASER TARGETED AUDIENCE. And BOOM! 🙂

Here’s a free gift to start your list building skills

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