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What is the best Affiliate Programme?

Rapid Profit Machine is a free affiliate marketing course by James Neville Taylor

All training is free. If you want to pay for QUALITY solo ads (one person today said she made a profit of $500 on her solo ads from James – yes in one day!)

He has already tweaked it to perfection. Instead of over 30 general make money online emails, he’s honed it down to incorporate more of what Rapid Profit Machine entails

Step 1 Watch the intro video

Step 2 Join Builderall for FREE

Step 3 Download the funnel

The best thing about Rapid Profit Machine is that if you are advanced and you put your own funnel (easy to do on builderall, they have done for you ones, so don’t panic) All you need to do is put your own PLR product in there, set a price. Place it inside the Builderall Marketplace and BOOM! James will promote your product to his list!

There are many ways to earn commission with Rapid Profit Machine

If someone upgrades to the premium funnel at $70 a month you get 100% commission and 30% every month after that. Yes and you haven’t spent a penny yet!

If you want to get the funnel club at $200, again this is reaped back in your first sale @ 100% commission. And you still get paid 1/3 of $99 monthly

If your “downline” buys traffic. You get commission

If your downline buys any product of James’ that is in the marketplace you get a commission

Check out my youtube vidoe here

All you need to do is place a few “Teaser posts” on FAcebook using the Magnetic System and you will soon be getting paid on automatic pilot!


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