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Cindy Donovan inspired me to write this

Online marketing is a minefield. How to get leads and sales in the first place?

Content marketing is a brilliant plan. As long as you SAVE your content somewhere.

What if you had a trello board (great idea) and kept all your posts for 3 months and then recycled them – posted the same things on FAcebook

Good idea Di!


If you have a BLOG you can put all your posts on a blog and put them on all social media platforms. And keep repeating the same great value

Obviously you can keep adding to your arsenal of goodies when you learn something new and that should be constant.

You’ll no longer be stuck for content

You’ll have added your links to tools you’re recommending.

You can get people to join all your other social media platforms and direct them to your youtube videos

You will link your channels to your facebook group hub and everyone will be in one place! Win-win!

Get them to know you, like y ou and trust you by being everywhere and BOOM! They will then know you’re a genuine person, and want to buy from you 🙂

My recommended product of the day is this free training here

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