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What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

There a 3 website you can get links for affiliate marketing products

JVZoo, Warrior Plus and Clickbank

Find a product you like eg Magnetic on warrior plus by Freedomlife2

Ask permission to promote it. You have to write how you will promote it. eg I have a youtube channel and a facebook group and a small email list

If you don’t write how you will promote it you won’t get access to the link

Once you have the link now comes the fun part. Building your funnel

I recommend the funnel builder I use here. it has many done for you funnels and you can just edit the words or change the pictures.

Single optin vs double optin

There are bots around that put fake emails in. So double optin negates this and make people prove they are human. Plus if they have to click again it means they are more serious about knowing more about your product or service

GDPR regulations need this inside EUROPE

The capture page usually leads to the pending confirmation page which then in turn leads to the thank you page which is the actual sales page link or in the case of a lead magnet – a page with a download button on or referring you back to your email to get your free gift

Muncheye is the website for the new products about to launch.

How to sell your products

Have you noticed all the big gurus have these all singing, all dancing bonus pages?

The bigger and better the bonuses, the more perceived value you are giving and the more sales you will get.

They do take a while to build – we’re talking a few good hours here if you source the bonuses yourself, download to your computer. Upload to dropbox or google and find the link and picture to each one…. and then you have to get the bulletpoints for each bonus….

What if you could have done for you ones? with preloaded bonuses which load with one click of a button? A game changer. Instead of 3 hours it takes literally 5 minutes. Commission gorilla is well worth it’s weight in gold

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing click here

If you want to try the unleashed funnel click here

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