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Solo Ads Tracking

So you’ve taken the plunge and bought 100 clicks from a sola ad vendor

Did you remember to give them a link you can TRACK how many clicks it actually got?

This is where linkwizard fits in

You can shorten your links and even add solo vendors so you know which vendor you bought from.

If you get 30% or more optin rate you’re doing WELL

Tracking is essential for comparing each vendor against the other and sticking with the ones that bring in the most responsive future clients.

Never buy more than 100 clicks from a new vendor

A Few Of Link Wizards Features You’ll Love

You can get all these features to boost your business right away

  • Unlimited:Unlimited Links and Clicks
  • Data Passing:Pass URL parameters to your links
  • Unlimited Pixels:Pixel all your links
  • File Links:Trigger file downloads on link clicks
  • Analytics:Track important metrics about your clicks
  • Expiration Dates:Control when people access links
  • Personalised:Links and Branded Links with Ads
  • Link Schedules:Control where links redirect to
  • Share Preview:Customise even the share preview
  • Zapier Integration:Automate Link Creation
  • Rotating Links:Round robin link clicks
  • Opt-in Links: Capture emails before redirecting

Analytics is key, they also give you rotator links to share with your team mates

Get Linkwizard here

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