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Quora – Get leads on Quora

Quora is a really good place to get leads.

I’ts a forum with questions and answers on any subject from medical to online marketing and pets.

1 Set up your account.
2 Set up your interests (the ones you want to answer questions on, such as internet marketing, making money online etc, and then you can answer questions

Sometimes it allows you to share them on other social media platforms such as Facebook if they like your answer

You have to make it quite long and answer teh question FULLY AND IN DETAIL.

The best thing is if you’ve done a blog or youtube video you can add a link in if it’s answering the question better

(“Here’s one I made earlier”)

You get views to your blog AND views to your links on the blog. Win-Win!

If it’s answering the question such as what’s the best affliate markeitng programme or training you can add your own link in and get leads that way

I’ve made a new “SPACE” on Quora called (you guessed it) Affiliate Marketing Superstars pop on over and have a look

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