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Using stories…

Here’s a story about the 2 frogs who were brothers and they lived opposite a dairy farm.

Daisy’s Dairy Farm had the creamiest milk on the planet.

One day they both crossed the busy dangerous road to see if the  milk was as creamy as their friends said it was

They saw quite a deep pot of warm milk straight from the cow and jumped.

“Mmmm! So tasty!”

They were both in heaven.

After a while Sam got tired and he was so weak that he couldn’t keep his head above water and drowned in the milk

Ben was really weak too, but he had a girlfriend and baby and just kept his eyes on the goal.

He was getting weaker and weaker but suddenly his foot touched hard milk… it had turned to butter!

The moral of the story is…

Keep doing those boring daily actions. This is the secret to  your breakthrough

Do not get side tracked. Keep your eyes on the goal and you will get sales

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