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Magnetic – 3 Steps to Sales on Facebook

Have you ever made a sale on Facebook?

Are you a member of a thousand and one groups and keep posting links and still get nowhere?

Help is at hand!

If you attracted them with a “teaser” post and got them to ask you for more information, would that help you?

What is a Teaser post anyway?

A “teaser” post is one short question that fits inside the free coloured box Facebook gives you to choose from

If you don’t know how to keep boosting it to the top of the feed it will get lost, this is why you need “Magnetic”

With Magnetic you will learn which groups to post for your specific niche and how to reply to them without going to facebook jail

Once you master this technique you can get 300 or more comments. Each comment is a lead and a possible sales.

What are you waiting for, Get Magnetic Today

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