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7 Killer Tips for Writing YouTube Titles That Get Views

Youtube has a global reach of 2 billion logged-in monthly users, it is no surprise that  it has become one of the biggest platforms for monetizable content in the world.

It is also the second most-used search engine following Google, so here’s my 12 Awesome Tips for Writing Youtube Titles That Get Views

1 Title Length

Optimum Length 60-70 Characters

If you go over this it doesn’t look right on searches

2 Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word

See how it pops out? Again Kevin David does this above

3 Use a number within your title

Odd number work best

It gives your structure and substance so you don’t go off track and it stands out over all the letters and draws your eye to it better

4 Include a power word

Did you notice my title above – the power word is “Killer”

Power words are words with strong meaning that trigger a psychological or emotional response from the audience. Their goal is to be persuasive, and aim to push YOU to take action.

Other power words are Secret, Affordable, Amazing, Convenient, Limited, Special, Best, Double, Before…can you think of any more?

5 Keywords

  • Lets search engines know what your content is about;
  • Lets Viewers know what your content is about;

So it stands to reason if your video is about How to make a Landing Page and it honed in on the keyword “landing Page” you will get people to watch your video with your keywords

This is a great thumbnail at it has a number in it too and who it is for – beginners

6 Put ONE word in uppercase

See how it pops?

This emphasises the ONE WORD they want you to see. Automatic $500, yes please! FREE money. Yes please so you click on the video

Notice if you put too many capitals it would ruin the title and become “shouty”

7. Use a Call to Action

Make these 5 Moves is a Call to Action. What 5 moves? It envokes curiosity

Watch this, learn more, Start now and check this out are also good CTA’s

Bonus tips

Put words in brackets

Again it pops out. Kevin David has used ANYONE and RICH so you think that means ME! He’s used brackets and also the year it’s made as people want up to date relevant information

 Use a headline analyzer

Sharethrough is a really great one and tunepocket

If you use a headline analyser you can keep changing up the headline until your score is the best it can be. Thus attracting more viewers with your killer titles

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