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How To Write Emails That Convert Like Crazy

1 The Title or “Hook”

While your subject line needs to capture attention, it also needs to do it in
about 60-65 characters or less. That’s because most email clients truncate
the subject line, so it needs to have an impact in as few words (and
characters) as possible.

Why do you open an email anyway?

Look in your own inbox and start collecting ones you like in a document


Many email clients allow for a preview of the email, which is what the
recipient can see without opening the email. This preview can range from a
few words to a line or two. Or to be more precise, it typically is about 30-90
characters long.

Make it count, with a few power words (below)


Use the word THIS. “Do THIS and your life will become easy”

Personalise the email as though you’re talking to them and mention their name

“There’s Nothing To Lose Diane”

If you’re giving value and teaching them something, what exactly are you teaching “6 ways to get reviews for your Amazon products”


GOING, GOING, GONE! [last chance for the laptop lifestyle]


When doing a launch it’s good to take the email swipes and make it your own. If you don’t use the word “Granddaddy of a sale” (that’s American) I change it to “mother of all sales” which rolls more naturally off the tongue to me

Once the launch is over then what? What do you write to keep them interested?

Do they know YOU AS A PERSON
Tell them about yourself and your family, your triumphs and mishaps. People buy off people. If they know like and trust you they will buy.

Do you know the features and benefits of your company?

If your company makes websites and chatbots and has over 40 different tools to help any online business. I would choose 3 or 5 of them.

Let’s see

A website would brand you and get you known

A chatbot would automate customer’s questions with specific answers like in a conversation so you could get appointments and sales in your sleep

Follow up with emails so they get to know, like and trust you and they will buy

Thus saving lots of time and effort on your part to spend with your family or doing your favourite sport or hobby

So you’d word the email something like this

Need more clients?

Before I used to waste so much time on Facebook trying to get clients, talking to loads of people with very little results

Now I have a branded website my clients know what I do with a glance and know about me in advance

As I’ve not only got a chatbot on my facebook page I have one on my website too, I’m getting twice as many clients in half the time

Are you going to miss out on more clients?

Are you going to miss out on extra time with your family?

Click here for more info

Your’re welcome

See what I did there? I weaved the benefits and told them how they’d save time and get more clients in half the time. Start talking about websites and chatbots and the non techie people’s eyes glaze over….

Variety – here are some examples of info you can share

 Tips.
 Lists (e.g., resource lists).
 Checklists.
 Worksheets.
 Swipes.
 Templates.
 Cheat sheets.

Use Power words

Limited offer, Closing Today, Last Chance Offer

Ridiculously simple, 3 simple steps

lifetime, iron clad, guarantee, no obligation

jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, revelationary

hero, kick-ass, killer

7 dumbest mistakes I made as an affliate marketer – the word dumbest means if they feel stupid as they have made mistakes too they are not alone… and they ask themselves “Do I do this?”

Tell Stories

Heard about the guy who was told to saw down a tree with a blunt axe…. he never finished.

The other guy thought – This axe is blunt and spent an hour sharpening it. Cut it down in RECORD TIME. Tactics beat blindly following someone every time.

Which one are you? Are you the clever marketer who uses tools to automate your business? Or are you the “dinosaur” who sticks to the old methods?

Then you’d give them the link to your tools here, wouldn’t you?

You can find stories everywhere, in books, especially mindset books 🙂

Be Sure Autoresponder Content is Evergreen
When you’re sending out live broadcasts, you can certainly write about any
topic. However, when you’re uploading content to your autoresponder, you
need to be sure it’s evergreen. So if it’s a launch TODAY then you need to change the words for next week

Or if it’s Happy Halloween, Easter or another holiday you can only use this once a year

Email Regularly

How can you build a relationship with someone if you don’t keep in touch? Daily or weekly emails is good

Domain name

Never ever use your gmail account it will go into spam. You need a branded account with your name and info@ ,

SuccesswithBob, LearnwithAnna or something similar will make you stand out from the crowd

The best email system I know is this one as it has over 40 different tools to help you market your business

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