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Most free online marketing training are the same things from a different angle. The trick is to build a viral funnel and give it out to people and let the videos of Mark and AJ do the work.

This is so easy. The trick is not to just sent it to people, why don’t you get eyes on your blog too. The more eyes on your blog, the more google with let other people see it. Win-win

So there was I, happily giving away random free gifts with capture pages on then I had total inspiration.

Write this blog and let people click on other posts – like this one where I give reviews of great online marketing products

Another online marketing tip I can give you is refer to other pages on your blog

I recently found a great product to help you build your instagram following on automatic pilot where you can message and follow people with this secret hack I found

And if you want to check out MAGNETIC which is the secret code to 3 simple sales on Facebook click here

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