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Domain names

Why do you need a domain name anyway?

If you don’t have a domain name then it’s just a long string of letters/numbers that you will never remember

A domain name BRANDS YOU

A good domain name for an online marketer would be something like, successwithdiane,

You can purchase domain names from godaddy and namecheap pretty easily for around $10-15

If using builderall check if the domain name is available and buy from builderall itself to avoid complicated setups.

you can have a domain name email like or too thus branding yourself further

If you are using the domain name inside builderall for websites and build multiple sites then you also need to have a sub domain name

for example if i wanted to promote rapid profit machine I could just make the rpm the sub domain. As long as you remember to add the https:// at the beginning you are sorted. So the rapid profit machine free training would be The sub domain alwasy comes before the main domain name. EASY!

Another one would be my builderall demo video to introduce people to Builderall (BA) i chose

To add the emails there are a few other steps but it would depend on the tools you’re using as to what those steps are

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