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7 Biggest Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make and How To Do It Right In The First Place

1 Don’t Spam links

It doesn’t work and you will get blocked a LOT!

Do give VALUE. Use your brain and if you learn something teach it back. You only have to have “level 1” to teach beginners, right?

2 Buy traffic ie solo ads.. instead of wasting $100 and getting 20-30 leads, why don’t you just learn to Brand Yourself instead?

3 Shiny Ball Syndrome

You’ve just joined your company and are still learning the ropes, but you keep getting sidetracked by the all singing all dancing sales pages that promise you the earth and leave you more confused and overwhelmed

Didn’t you know it’s all the same stuff but packaged differently?

Why don’t you just stick to ONE programme and learn THEIR system of making sales one baby step at a time.

If you didn’t keep getting sidetracked you’d have earned that first $1000 by now, wouldn’t you?

Buy THIS with 20 million and one free bonuses

Don’t you have enough courses you have bought and not looked at without any more?

4 You give up too soon

You don’t give yourself a chance to learn the basics… you’re off on the next “get rich quick scheme”

5 You don’t even like the product

You’re just in it to make a quick buck and you’re not passionate about it.

If you are not following your passion – mine happens to be building capture pages and sales automation with emails and chatbots – and they keep adding new tools in (it’s like Christmas all over again for me as I’m excited about the new developemnts) you’re dead in the water

Don’t give me health and wellness it bores me! And beauty products. I’m a soap and water girl myself…

Do you know your product well enough and can show people the benefits not the features? If so, you’ve struck gold!

6 You don’t have the right mentor

Are you following one person and one person alone? Or are you getting sidetracked with all those youtube video notifications about earn $158 a day with free bitcoin/doing surveys/watching videos?

This is called getting sidetracked.

Once you learn ONE THING. MASTER IT! Practice it again and again until you get it right.

I’m a sucker for scrolling forwards and learning TOO MUCH at once.

If you STOP and practice this one thing and become a master…. you’re half way there.

A mentor will keep you on track and MAKE YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

They will also keep you accountable for your daily actions – or lack of them – and make you realise it’s just YOU that’s stopping you from getting sales. No one else

A weekly mastermind is essential for growth. Especially if it’s live and you can answer questions.

Make sure you’re awake for the lives too. If its always at 2am… and you’re up for work the next day…. think twice 🙂

7 You have the wrong MINDSET

You can if you think you can…

your friends laugh at you, no- one support you.

Do you beat yourself up and say to yourself you can’t do this. It’s too hard, too technical, you’ve been through it 3 times now and you still can’t do it?

Rome wasn’t built in a day

If you chunk it and mark little things you’ve done you’ll get more confident.

Also I have noticed that if I read a mindset book daily I get more sales.

so you read before you start your day and set up yourself for success.

This truly is the one thing you need above all others. I like books by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Oh and this course here….(link)

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