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10 Online Marketing Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Online Marketing Tool 1

Lead Magnet – Free Gift in Exchange For An Email Address

You can get a free online marketing document or PDF you didn’t need to write yourself on any PLR site such as and IDPLR (paid)

Just type in the subject you want eg facebook or tiktok marketing and you can even get free video series to give away as well as the free e-book (can be made into a sales funnel, but we’ll go over that later)

So you have chosen your free gift to grow your online marketing list, now you need a capture page system and an email autoresponder

Many are available eg Clickfunnels (too expensive) free ones such as mailchimp are branded as mailchimp so are no good if you want to brand yourself. I prefer Builderall as you can get done for you ones with built in emails with one click!!!!

If you want to change the free gift you can and tweak the emails but that one is by far superior to the others on the market as it has over 40 tools inside to help grow your business. Therefore they are all in one box and works out by far the cheapest method in the long run

Get Builderall here

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